“Martha helped our cross-departmental team pursue an organizational focus on strengths. She worked collaboratively with us to clarify our goals and build our capacity. Her combination of a structured process and flexibility around the content was extremely supportive, and we accomplished more than I originally expected because she inspired us to meet as a group in between our meetings with her. We feel lucky to have had the chance to work with Martha.”

Deputy Director of a national literacy nonprofit organization

The case studies below tell the story of how we helped our clients, who include:

  • individual sole proprietors
  • small to midsize nonprofits
  • leaders of complex structures in large corporations

wrapThrough individual coaching, we helped a physician and group director lead a transitioning pharmaceutical clinical development team. We helped him develop collaboration skills, learn to delegate, outline clear accountability and accept different leadership styles.

We coached the director of a small child welfare agency to become a more effective supervisor. She was able to free up time to build external alliances by becoming more proactive in personnel management and more confident in handling organizational problems.

Facilitating clear communication and creating agreements helped a management team become more effective. By establishing communication guidelines, delegation procedures and a processes for determining priorities about expectations and goals, the team was able to up their game to deliver excellent technical assistance to the field.

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