“(LEC) has been very valuable and I don’t want it to end. We’re not just asked to present our issues, but how do we feel about it … to acknowledge our feelings, not just bury them, and how to get from point A to point B.”

LEC participant; Executive Director of Child Advocacy Center

Executive Leadership Exchange

Executive Leadership Exchange is a program tailored to the needs of non-profit leaders. A cohort of leaders meets in small groups in person or on conference calls, and receives individual coaching. Executive Leadership Exchange helps non-profit leaders to lead in effective and inspirational ways. As a result, non-profit executives advance the ultimate success of their organization’s mission.

Executive Leadership Exchange uses a powerful three-faceted approach to developing leadership capacity:

1. Professionally Facilitated Peer Consultation

Leaders, acting as a confidential think-tank, learn how to self-manage, and to facilitate highly focused consulting groups forums. Professional monitoring ensures…

  • A confidential environment and effective structure
  • A rigorous discovery of organizational and individual patterns
  • Topics that are current, relevant and innovative

2. Organization Development Values and Practices

Knowledge of Organization Development…

  • Offers proven approaches and strategies
  • Deepens ability to manage while staying true to mission and vision
  • Teaches how to engage all stakeholders in creative and collective thinking

3. Individual Executive Coaching

One-on-one coaching to support individual learning, translate theory into practice, and effectively use tools to address important organizational goals.

Individual coaching helps executives…

  • Explore assumptions and patterns in their organization
  • Analyze various strategies for effectiveness
  • Use insights from peer dialogues to benefit their organizations

An example of our Executive Leadership Exchange work includes:

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